Lawn Care Service 

Full-Service Residential And Commercial Lawn Care 

Serving Sun Prairie, Windsor, DeForest, Waunakee, & Marshall

Mowing, Trimming, & Sidewalk Edging

We provide an individualized mowing program for our residential and commercial lawn care customers, however, weekly mowing is a must unless we see fit. You can expect mindful trimming that is cautious of all landscape. All grass debris is blown off  paved areas. Sidewalk edging is performed 1-2 times per year. Sidewalk edging is strongly encouraged in the fall and spring season. Edging your sidewalk will help protect your lawn from damage via snow shovels and snow blowers.

Aeration, Dethatching, & Overseeding

Whether your lawn is newly established or mature both aeration and dethatching are key, inexpensive, very effective ways to improve your lawn’s health. Many customers ask us “when” and “how often” this service should be performed on their lawn. The answer is spring and bi-annually, alternating aeration and dethatching each year. Both services can be followed with an overseeding. Overseeding is a way to cover bare spots in your lawn or thicken a thin lawn. When aeration and dethatching is followed by overseeding you will have a plush lawn in a shorter amount of time.

Spring/Fall Cleanup, Leaf removal, and Gutter cleaning

This service involves pruning your landscape, debris removal from landscape beds, leaf removal, and gutter cleaning. Each property is unique and we can work together to ensure we are “Making Your Lawn It’s Best!”.

Tree Service: Stump Grinding, Tree Removal, Tree Pruning

One reason to prune or remove a tree is due to the tree growing too close to a building structure, this affects both negatively. Other reasons include the tree dying, becoming overgrown, or no longer being suitable for that particular area. Tree removal, stump removal, and tree pruning can seem like a monumental task. We operate a turf friendly stump grinder in order to minimize our foot print on your lawn. All stump grinding debris is removed along with lawn restoration, top soil, seed, and straw. Let us make this easy for you.

Garden Tilling

Small gardens and large gardens alike need garden tilling. We can prep your soil creating a perfectly pulverized condition for sewing seed. Ask us about an organic compost to add while we are tilling your garden.

Professional Lawn Services Include:

  • Mowing, trimming, sidewalk edging
  • Aeration and dethatching
  • Spring and fall cleanups, including leaf removal
  • Tree services, including pruning and tree removal
  • Garden tilling
  • Gutter cleaning

Extreme Lawns is “Making Your Lawn It’s Best!”

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