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Mulch Hub is a division of  Extreme Lawns. Mulch Hub is the result of a need in Sun Prairie and the surrounding communities. We recognized that clientele were looking for a complete package; calculation of mulch to cover the area needed, mulch delivery, mulch installation, and a landscape consultation to address further needs and wishes pertaining to their lawn. Mulch Hub offers the full service package to all who call and order mulch. You will get so much more than just a mulch delivery!

Proper Mulch Application:

Plan to cover your mulched areas with a 2″ depth of fresh mulch. Calculating how much mulch is needed will require the customer to know the length and width of the area that is to be covered, you can use our Mulch Calculator to assist you with this. Plan on a little extra for the trees and shrubs that are scattered around the yard. If the mulch in these areas has became thicker than you’d like; older mulch layers can be stripped away before the new mulch is applied. Are you asking, “How much mulch do I need to order?” Utilize our mulch calculator or call to set up a consultation today! We are available to deliver and spread your mulch for you!

Mulch Calculator – Click Here! 

Basic Mulch Info For Protecting Gardens And Trees:

Mulch is more than a decorative accent in flower gardens and around trees. It inhibits the growth of weeds, helps the soil to stay moist, and can regulate the temperature of the soil. How much mulch is needed and what type is best will depend on where the garden is located and what it will be protecting. Certain types of mulch can deter insects as well. Plan to spread mulch at  2″ depth throughout your garden area to ensure proper application of the product.


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Dark Brown Wood

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Northern White Cedar

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Playground Mulch

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Red Wood Mulch

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Western Red Cedar

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Shredded Hardwood

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