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We are a family-owned company with deep roots in Sun Prairie and the Dane County area. Delivering and installing premium quality landscaping products and providing top-notch service is what we’ve done now since we started Extreme Lawns!  We don’t just know how to install mulch; we have a thorough understanding of what looks best for each project. It’s what we know and what we do well. And we always guarantee top quality and fair measure at affordable prices.

Basic Mulch Tips for Protecting Gardens and Trees 

Mulch is more than a decorative accent in flower gardens and around trees. It inhibits the growth of weeds, helps the soil to stay moist, and can regulate the temperature of the soil. How much mulch is needed and what type is best will depend on where the garden is located and what it will be protecting. Certain types of mulch can deter insects as well.


Types of Mulch Service 

The variety of mulch available is enormous. The most commonly used materials are wood mulches. These can be from different types of wood like cedar and pine or wood chips from a number of species. These are typically chips that come from recycled limbs and whole trees. However, wood chips can also come from recycled wood products like pallets.

Proper Mulch Application 

Calculating how much mulch is needed will require the customer to know the length and width of the area that is to be covered, you can use our Mulch Calculator to assist you with this. Plan on a little extra for the trees and shrubs that are scattered around the yard. It is often a good idea, if the mulch is still too thick the following spring, to strip away some of the old mulch and apply fresh material.

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Mulch Service Sun Prairie FAQ’s 

What kind of Mulch do I need?
The word ‘mulch’ is an industry term that describes any material (usually natural or organic) that is used in plant beds. In the past, the word ‘mulch’ was just associated with ‘shredded cypress mulch’ but today it can mean most any product on the market.  

Why should I Mulch?
Fresh mulch makes your landscaping look fresh and attractive. However, there are additional advantages to regular mulching of your flower beds or garden. Mulch is beneficial for the following reasons:

When should I mulch?
Remember, mulch keeps your plant roots warm in the winter and cool in the summer so it is best to mulch in the spring and fall. 

Mulch Service Sun Prairie FAQ’s 

What is the recommended depth I should mulch?
An industry standard is at least 3” of coverage which will give you a good thick barrier for your plants.

How much mulch do I need?
There is no ‘standard’ or ‘regular’ sized plant bed or area. Simply take a measurement (length X width) of the area(s) you want to cover and determine the depth you desire. A cubic yard will cover an area of about 100 sq ft at the recommended depth of 3 inches.  

What about delivery?
You have a busy schedule and your time is important. There is nothing worse than waiting all morning or afternoon for a delivery. All deliveries are scheduled by the hour at the time you desire. 

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Dark Brown Wood Stained

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Northern White Cedar

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Playground Mulch

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Red Stained Wood Mulch

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Western Red Cedar

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Shredded Hardwood