Snow Removal and Plowing

Commercial and Residential Snow Removal
& Plowing Services 

It is not just snow removal in Wisconsin that is a problem for business owners; it is also what to do with the snow that is removed. Not only does the snow have to be placed where it will not block the view of motorists, but it also has to be stored far enough away from parking lots and walkways to ensure that there is enough space for future storms. In addition, commercial snow removal cannot be scheduled or planned. It has to take place when the snow is coming down to avoid the loss of business and to prevent accidents from customers slipping on slush or ice. We take pride in our ability to plow and remove the snow quickly and safely from your business or home!

We take great pride in our ability to help when the snow hits. Our team is reliable and can get the job done quickly and safely! Our #1 goal is your satisfaction and the safety of everyone who may come on your property!

Snow removal routes are set by December 1st each year. Don’t wait until the snow hits to contact our snow removal and plowing team – we want your property to be on the top of our list!

Residential Snow Removal & Plowing Services:

We know homeowner’s concerns are similar to those of a business, however, you also need to obtain easy access in and out of your home. We provide an ala carte contract for you as well. This includes salting, sidewalk, and entryway options in addition to snowplowing.

Contact us today and we can help you when the snow falls or the ice hits. Heavy and wet snow can be hard to lift, don’t hurt yourself over trying to get it moved off your driveway or sidewalks – Let us help!

snow removal service truck

It is helpful to have services prearranged before winter hits to make certain help will be available when needed. Call Extreme Lawns at 608-712-5884 today to take care of your snow removal needs.