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Professional Landscape Service – Sun Prairie 

In landscaping, flowers and shrubs provide the glorious color that frames the home and changes with the season, but the backbone of the yard is the hardscaping. These are the permanent features, such as retaining walls and patios that create an outdoor space for the entire family to enjoy. Many times we receive calls from home owners who are looking to simplify their landscape. We are experienced and ready to help you add to your existing outdoor space or take from it.  Landscaping evolves over time, looking better every year, but it all begins with a plan.

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  • Landscape Restoration
  • Softscapes 
  • Skid Steer Work & Grading 
  • Retaining Walls 
  • Patio’s 
  • Edging 
  • Flowers & Greenery 
  • Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding 

Do you have stumps in your yard that you have to mow and trim around? Stump Grinding is one of our many landscape services. We operate a turf friendly stump grinder that minimizes any damage that can occur on your lawn from this service. Once your stump has been removed all debris is removed from the area as well, and your lawn will be restored with top soil, seed, and straw.

Where Do We Start? 

When developing a plan for the landscape, first look at any problems that need to be corrected. For example, Wisconsin homeowners value their basements and invest large amounts of money to have a finished basement. That investment can be protected with our drainage solutions. Drainage solutions include a change in slope, new drainage system, and waterproofing.

We can Work on any Timeline & Budget 

An overall plan can be completed in stages: Landscape construction is messy and a homeowner wants it done quickly and right the first time. When faced with new construction or a complete landscape renovation, cost can be greatly reduced by starting from the inside out. Landscape construction can be done in stages or as the budget permits.

Be Proud of Your Lawn 

Our landscape service can add significant value to a property and enjoyment to the homeowners. Walkways, patios, walls and other features constitute the backbone of the landscaping. Establishing a new lawn, installing mulch, rock, edging, greenery are all the finishing touches that complete the picture. Professional landscape work by Extreme Lawns, including skid steer work, grading, and hardscapes, will prove to be a very worthwhile investment by “Making Your Lawn It’s Best!” Call 608-712-5884 today!

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